Warning: messages involving Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Singapore, wiring money

Urgent Notice!

Any messages involving AfricaGhanaNigeriaSingaporewiring money, online escrow services, or cashiers checks are definitely scams and should be ignored.
Do not be fooled by requests for money from people you just met no matter how convincing their story is or how beautiful or handsome their photos appear. The photos are almost certainly not really them at all but merely photos of models copied from the Internet.
1.Offering you millions of dollars, all you have to do is pay a tax or transfer fee.
(They only want your bank details and they will then get whatever you have in there or use it to steal your identity.)
2.Any transaction through YOUR bank account.
(Again, they just want your bank account number.)
3.Beautiful girl or handsome man needs your help.
(Sex sells and sex scams. They use good looking girls and men (not real) to get you to send money.)
4.Check cashing scam.
(They send you a phony, forged or stolen check to cash and send the money to them. After your money is gone your bank will inform you that the check was bad and will take the money out of your account. So you lose all the money you sent them.)
NEVER give anyone your bank account number and especially anyone from Africa! And these beautiful girls on internet dating sites are not the real girls.
Ghana = Scam!             Nigeria = Scam!
Requests for Money or Bank Account Info = Scam!
Please report all such scams toto the customer servcie of the plattform with the details of what happened to you.